Refund policy

We make sure to provide cent percent satisfactory solutions to our customers. In order to achieve satisfaction, we have the refund policy. We do have the refund policy for our customers when things go wrong. We implement an easy refund policy for incident and subscription based plans. We help you in every different way. In case of any disputes, you just need to give us a call and your final settlement will be done.

Full refund, when your issues are not resolved within 7 days.

For the subscribed-based plan, you will get a full refund if none of the issues are solved within 15 days after registration.

If one or more issues are resolved, then a partial refund will be done.

Immediate cancellation will be done in case the customer chooses to cancel their services during a month they have already paid for.

Customer can claim a secure in case the issue is out of scope for that particular plan.

No refund if the cases are under customer’s permission.

You are responsible for cancelling your Account anytime. You just need to call or phone request and you will receive a confirmation from Account manager.

In case you cancel the before your end of current pain month, cancelation will take immediate and you will not be charged again.

Use of illegal software might lead to termination of your services and cancellation of Account.